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Shinobi Girl Ver 2 05 _BEST_

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Hanayome Project: Alice no Saigo no Kakera Sisou-kei Kumori Ibun Publisher: Marvelous Interactive Genre: Life, Fantasy, Simulation; Release: 03.03.05 Price: 7140 yen; Memory: 240K This is the official smartphone game of a popular TV drama series. Take on the role of 'Alice' as she tries to uncover the mysteries of her past. In order to do this, you need to work your way through a variety of life-like scenarios: fortune telling, meeting guests, fashion, cooking, and more. You have a choice of four different 'Alice' girls to play through. Once you choose your hero, you play as her through a four month period of life as a normal Japanese high school student.

Hyakkaou Eva (triple star) *** (triple star) Publisher: Marvelous Interactive Genre: Love, Simulation; Release: 03.03.05 Price: 7140 yen In this love simulation title, you take on the role of a guy named 'Shiro'. In this game, Shiro is your first love, who lives in the city with you and your parents. As he makes it into his university, he falls in love with a girl named 'Aira' and she comes to live with you. Shiro works part-time at the school cafe, and he and Aira work towards 'happiness'. The game features lots of cool interactions as you try to help Shiro and Aira get together. It's a very touching game, with lots of dialogue and special scenes.

Moe! Girl Ninja : Ten Go! Ninja Publisher: NTT Solmare Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Price: 7999 yen Release date: 19 December 2019 Explore the hilarious world of Moe! in this collection of minigames for the iOS and Android platforms. 3d9ccd7d82

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