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Vjana Uwilliams
Vjana Uwilliams

Window HDL Image Install Program V1.7.6 By Gadgetfreak

Download File --->

i think the log in can be set to fail immediately, but if i cant login then its not so bad, since the point of enrolling from the cloud is to be persistent. at least i can just re- enroll if needed. the application is a part of an educational program, so we cant just turn it off, but sure will try it out. i think we were thinking of authenticating the user, but didnt want to send them to a page to authenticate and then hand them off to the application. the reason is that there are many applications that people dont install/trust. we want a case where there is no need to install another app, but when someone does install a jamf application, they need to be logged in with credentials that have been authorized for their instance. this will never happen if the user is logged in to jamf from the same system, since we use the jamf instance to sign us in.

so, i didnt realize that jamf is authenticating me, until it signed me in on a fresh windows 7 install. i guess we should be ok if we just use jamfs own instance to authenticate us. then our user is sign in to the jamf instance when they first login to our other application. i guess i would have to sign off in to jamf or sign out of it. if the application wasnt designed to be authenticated this way, then its on the jamf to somehow validate that we are getting the right application.

the application was a custom app designed to be auto-installed via the jamf user interface and has a certain file on disk. so that explains why it worked on the jamf instance. i wish someone had thought to check that. i didnt know that jamf is coming from outside the jamf server to do that. 3d9ccd7d82

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