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BSI Stinger 2.0: A Powerful Tool for Playing Audio Effects

BSI Stinger 2.0 is a software application that allows users to play short-length audio effects, such as stingers, drop-ins, liners, jingles and other sound elements. It is designed by Broadcast Software International (BSI), a company that specializes in radio automation and audio management software[^1^].

BSI Stinger 2.0 can play multiple files at the same time on a single audio card, or on up to 6 outputs on multi-channel audio cards. It can also record audio files and edit them with features such as AutoTrim, AutoName and Overwrite Protection. Users can customize the appearance and functionality of the buttons, such as changing their color, font, size, icon and keycode. Users can also create up to 16 collections of 72 buttons each, and switch between them easily using keyboard shortcuts or tabs[^1^].

BSI Stinger 2.0 is ideal for radio stations, DJs, sound engineers, podcasters and anyone who needs to play audio effects quickly and easily. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 operating systems[^1^]. It can be downloaded from the BSI website or from various online sources[^2^].

BSI Stinger 2.0 is a powerful tool for playing audio effects that can enhance any audio production or live performance.How to Use BSI Stinger 2.0

To use BSI Stinger 2.0, you need to have a computer with a sound card and speakers, and a copy of the software installed on your system. You can download the software from the BSI website or from other online sources[^2^]. You also need to have some audio files in .wav, MP3 or MPEG Layer 2 format that you want to play with BSI Stinger 2.0.

Once you have installed and launched the software, you will see the main screen, which consists of several elements: the title bar, the menus, the toolbar, the status bar, the tabs and the buttons[^1^]. The title bar shows the name of the software and the current collection and set. The menus provide access to various functions and settings. The toolbar contains icons for common actions such as opening, saving, recording and playing audio files. The status bar shows information such as the current time, the number of buttons loaded and the playback status. The tabs allow you to switch between different sets of buttons within a collection. The buttons are where you load and play your audio files.

To load an audio file into a button, you can either drag and drop it from a folder on your computer, or right-click on an empty button and select "Load". You can then edit the button's caption, color, font, icon and keycode by right-clicking on it and selecting "Properties". You can also set the start and end points of playback, enable looping and choose the output device for each button[^1^].

To play an audio file, you can either click on its button with your mouse, or press its keycode on your keyboard. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to play buttons on a secondary window if you have dual monitors[^1^]. You can stop playback by clicking on the same button again, or by pressing the spacebar or ESC key. You can also pause playback by pressing P or F9 key.

To record an audio file, you can click on the record icon on the toolbar, or press CTRL+R key. You can then select a button to record to, choose a name for your file, set a maximum record length (AutoStop) and adjust the recording level. You can also enable AutoTrim feature to automatically remove silence under a user defined threshold[^1^]. To start recording, click on the record icon again or press R key. To stop recording, click on the stop icon or press S key. You can then open your recorded file in an audio editor of your choice by right-clicking on its button and selecting "Edit".

To save your buttons as a set, you can click on the save icon on the toolbar, or press CTRL+S key. You can then choose a name for your set and select a location to save it. To save your sets as a collection, you can click on "File" menu and select "Save Colle

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