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Nuevas Mamás, Bebés y Toddlers

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there is a great deal of post-modernist humor in the film. the viewer knows that we are supposed to take the film seriously, and yet the characters often contradict this, they seem to be having fun at the expense of the situation they find themselves in. this is taken to such an extreme in fausta, that the film's title character seems to be a parody of the silent film genre, the film is presented as a series of tableaux, with a number of songs that are mostly sung in german. fausta's character is almost entirely a silent one, and the film in no way resembles a silent film.

ekipa fauste is a film that was released in 1983, directed by goran paskaljevic, and based on a play by the same name. the film tells the story of faust, a roma musician who is struck by a group of terrorists in the country and suffers from amnesia. the rest of the film follows the band of musicians traveling around the countryside in search of the man who fell into their hands.

its easy to forget that even when roma actors arent the lead character, they are often the second most important character in a film, and the third in a scene. but given the romani make up in their native hungary, it makes sense that roma actors would be a core part of the cast in a hungarian film. the romani are often the only representatives of their people in an area, and its an important role in the life of many roma. in films where they arent the lead or even the second important character, they are still playing important, often heroic, roles, and its crucial to understanding the world in which they live. its not until the final minute of the film that we realize they have been the audience for the entire film, and that they have been watching us for the entire film, commenting on the action, commenting on the drama, commenting on the action, commenting on the drama. 3d9ccd7d82

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