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Nuevas Mamás, Bebés y Toddlers

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Robert Kiyosaki then provided his rich dad with the opportunity to design the curriculum. He asked the father to make up a list of financial topics that they would teach to the class. The rich dad pulled out a pad and proceeded to lay out a timetable of classes for the next 7 years. Finally, the two young men departed. There was to be no teaching for them.

The next day, Mikes dad called Robert to thank him for coming to the meeting and instructed him to meet with his brother. Moments later, Robert arrived at the house of his brother, and when his brother opened the door, he was greeted by the thumping sounds of the most hideous music he had ever heard. This music quickly sent all the relatives screaming and running for cover. This music was in fact, an ear-slicer machine that made the music so loud that it could be heard clearly in the house. Robert listened for a few minutes and then asked what it was. His brother explained that it was an electronic music system that enabled them to have the worlds best music whenever they wished to listen to it. His brother said it was the worlds most expensive music system available and that he had bought it for his son and the wife, who lived with them. This was the whole reason for Robert and his siblings wealth, they were rich because their family had a car that was basically a money-making machine. They had a stereo that was worth $1,500,000, and they were able to generate in excess of $3,000,000 a year in income. That is right, the Kiyosakis did not need to work in order to live. Their family had their own private police force, and it was merely polite if they called on the police. 3d9ccd7d82

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